Our second show, !!LEMONLEMONVAMPIRE is an exhibition of 11 artists’ reflections on Karen Russell’s short story, Vampires in the Lemon Grove. Elizabeth Conlin, Summer Echeverry, Mathew Ferrel, Haley Flight, Meg Hahn, Ashley Hall, Jo Hatlevig, Ellanor Milkowski-Dahlgren, Catherine Quattrociocchi, Molly Soneson, Emma Wolfsohn, expressed through mixed media sculpture, sound scapes, digital visuals, narrative ditties, performance, collage, meditations on a poignant story. Curated by Catherine Quattrociocchi and exhibited April 14, 8-10pm at 533 Cumberland Avenue in Portland.

Photographic Tour


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Photographs by Robert Bennett jr. and Catherine Quattrociocchi

Sound Pieces and Video Links

Summer Echeverry – Lemon

Mathew Ferrel

Jo Hatlevig- Vampire+LemonsLemons, Please email artist directly to listen: johatlevigstudio@gmail.com