*The NotMarm Manifesto, like the space, is in it’s infancy. It will grow.

Not Marmalade: art space is a place for artists to express what they are exploring in their practice currently; what pebbles they are worrying. Controversial, delicate, experimental material is highly encouraged. The main goal of Not Marmalade is to provide a space for artists/writers/musicians/poets to have the freedom to share/bring into discussion ideas that they haven’t polished, solidified, or bound to hard line conclusion. It is a space to be able to ask, to take risks, diversify outlooks, opinions be expressed without political polarity,  acknowledge complex identities (as in the incredible poem by Staceyann Chin, Feminist or Womanist, “…I come in too many flavors for one fucking spoon…”.*)

A space to come to a better understanding, while still admitting that we cannot know what we do not experience.

Media is encouraged to run the gamut; cut paper, puppetry, bronze casts, video, tapestry, prose, etc.

The ‘space’ is gladly as varied as the content. It may exist only digitally, or be exhibited in a bedroom in Tashkent, a cafe in Tunis, or a parking lot in Chicago. Hopefully future shows will be curated by all kinds of people of different ethnic, educational, financial, familial backgrounds; racial identities, religious beliefs or lack of, ages, abilities, interests, sexual orientations, gender expressions, histories, preferences etc.

And just like differing curators and artists, all people who wish to view the work must be welcome (provided that they are not violent or causing harm to the work, other visitors, artists, the space.) Personal relationship to curators, organizers, artists must not be necessary for attendance. At least one notice must be posted if held in a physical location. Access for visitors with physical disabilities should be accommodated when possible. Not Marmalade exhibitions cannot take place in already established gallery spaces. They are not parties or picnics. Artists exhibited must be living and currently making. Pieces shown may not be older than 5 years, or have undergone alterations within that time. Exhibitions must represent 2 artists or more. The shortened summary of what Not Marmalade is (that is written on the home page of this website) must be posted at exhibitions held in physical space, or if solely digital must provide a link to this website. Exhibitions must be documented in some way once the showing has ended (photographically, written description, audio recording, film, sweepings from floor etc.)

Anyone is welcome to curate a Not Marmalade: art space exhibition within these guidelines. But curators must contact resident writer Jam(jamjamjam) (Jo Hatlevig) by email, notmarmalade@gmail.com, to provide a statement for the exhibition, time, and location, in order for representation and display on this website.